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Big Pink

Installation, Creative Cities Summit

Lexington, Kentucky 2010

Design Team:   Kasey Hall, Seth Gover, Geofrey Sorrell, Robert Nack, Anton Bakerjian _ Ryan Bashore, Joe Cavallo, Craig Chamberlain, Sam Forman, Martin Franks, Mark Garrison, Kelsey Giauque, Trevor Kidd, Eric Lahm, Demetrius Leach, Sunny Mok, Wesley Settles, Carrie Wahl, Ben Ward, Cheuk Yau  



Big Pink is a full-scale installation created for the entry to the Creative Cities Summit in Lexington Kentucky. The installation was commissioned with an expressed goal that the work speak to Lexington’s dynamic and changing physical and economic landscape.  The eventual installation consisted of over 500 hand-cut pieces of rigid insulation, stacked using no glue or fasteners, the stacked layers forming a large undulating wall 16’ wide by 22’ high.  Visitors were directed along it’s surface, where large apertures framed views of the city and allowed for light to project into the space.  


Conceptually, the handmade nature of the work (low-tech fabrication), together with the complexity of its digital design, offered the opportunity to initiate a conversation within the venue of the conference about the role of labor within design and economic processes.  The project also served as an iteration within my larger ongoing investigation related to material assemblies, specifically, the capacity and limits of unit-aggregations.

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