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Selected Research

This research focuses on the intersection of design, collage, and process-driven investigations that explore the relationship between form, material, and perception. Projects range in scale from urban landscapes to installations and 2-dimensional work, and each contribute to my overall investigation of form in relationship to material assembly, space, and the phenomenon of perspective as constructed mediators of experience.


Over the course of my career, I have consistently sought opportunities to examine how formal processes of design can have an immediate and visceral impact upon the viewer/user of its outcome.  I am interested in architectural work that affects the senses and challenges one’s perception of space.  Many of the ideas I am currently investigating in my research “Relative Positioning” can be traced back to questions I began asking in 2005 with my Masters Thesis, a work called “Seaming” that explored how opportunities for programming and space could arise from the collision or collage of otherwise autonomous forms.  In the years since, I have pursued projects that have led me to a deeper understanding of what those initial questions implied, and evolved to focus on the nature, limits and potential uses of perspective; specifically how anamorphic projection and perspectival techniques can contribute to the production of space and architectural form.

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