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Art Installation

Exhibited at Land of Tomorrow, Louisville Kentucky 2010 and KK Projects, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2007  


Collaboration with Liz Swanson

Special Thanks:


Marie McKay, Rene Duffourc, Bradley Blanchard, Ryan Fitzmorris, Doug Harmon, Reyn Lambert, Lena Nalbach, Paul Soniat, Celie McKay, Kirsha Kaechele,


Ricky Sparks, Robert Knack, Jordan Hines, Drew Webb, Ketherine VanHoose, Graham Gordon, Josh Wilkinson, Karmon Heffelbower, Dominique Turner, Ben Kolder 

Cloudline was a mixed media, full-scale installation created as an investigation of performative strategies, social commentary, and meditation on place-identity in response to the massive devastation of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  Made by a series of 3800 weighted filament lines suspending over 8,000 aggregated points,  the project replicates the debris field documented in the flooded living room of my childhood home,  including decimated objects such as chairs, a sofa, a piano and end table.  Conceptually, the work originated with the desire to explore the potential of units in aggregation as a constructive methodology and the impact of erasure on the perception of place.  As the project progressed, however, additional themes emerged as revelations of its intensive construction process:  time as a spiritual factor in design, the tension between figure and abstraction; and the permanence of the ephemeral.

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