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MacDowell Installations

The MacDowell Colony for the Arts, Spring 2015

In the Spring of 2015 I was awarded a MacDowell Colony for the Arts Fellowship, a residency program for artists with specific, current projects they wish to develop. My proposal, to continue and clarify my research of  Relative Positioning, was accepted and I spent five weeks completing a host of projects, all of which focused on anamorphic projection as a technique and architectural generator.  In addition to conducting a literature review of significant essays, the residency allowed me to complete a series of diagrams and drawings to communicate the optical, technical, and mathematical elements of anamorphosis. These are essential in the communication of the concepts, and continue to serve as valuable graphic tools while presenting the basic principles of the phenomenon.  


During the residency I also constructed  two site-specific installations.  The first, “Square” was built within the corner of Adams Studio for the evening of my presentation, while the other was constructed in the grove of trees adjacent to Colony Hall (“Circle”). Both were constructed using reflective tape, a material I had become intrigued by in Notes from the Moving Center, an installation completed  just prior to my residency, for its light qualities and relationship to the primary means of seeing the work, flash photography.  Additionally, the inversion of these two site’s conditions (enclosed by a corner of an intimate room) versus scattered across many distant vertical lines (“Circles”) emerged as a new aspect within the research: how anamorphosis can change our sense of enclosure and the many degrees of interiority.

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