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Performa FAV

FAV Festival des Architectures, Montpellier FRANCE

PERFORMA_ UK College of Design_with LIZ SWANSON, Joanna Grant, Jordan Hines, Ricky Sparks 




The Festival of Lively Architecture invites ten young designers to create work within the courtyards of Montpellier's many mansions. The festival aims to combine the work of this new generation with the forgotten eras and places of Montpellier, to create unexpected urban territories.   PERFORMA is multi-performative material system utilizing optimization, aggregation and efficiency.  The system is comprised of identical foldable units that create a high degree of unit and system pliability which allows for adaptation to changing conditions.  These conditions range from highly spatial once deployed to laying completely flat for easy transport.  Additionally, the work explores the sensory affect of its field condition:  variable apertures of opacity and openness, light and shadow, and their impact on adjacent surfaces.  The work is the result of rigorous digital and physical techniques that tested potential performative characteristics, limits, and strategies of fabrication.

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