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Peterborough Competition

The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough NH


One of nine designers invited to submit work for competition.  Design Team:  Thompson Burry,  Aaron Fritsch  

With Liz Swanson

The intention of our design proposal is to provide the requisite number of parking spaces in a way that amplifies the site’s function as a park and recreation space, as well as one’s experience and view of the landscape and river.  Three key elements define the design:  01 First, we have chosen to nestle a portion of the parking lot underneath a raised, landscaped canopy that serves as both a shelter for the surface below and a habitable garden above.  02 Second, the proposal features a circular bridge that connects the major gathering spots developed within the proposal—one on each riverbank—and serves as a habitable symbol of community.  03 Third, the design proposes a series of new, small “pocket parks,” each of which offer new, unique programmatic possibilities.

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