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RGB Light Sculpture

Lexington, Kentucky


Big thanks to:  Owen Sadrzadeh, Alec Whisman, Michael Jacobs, Jeffrey Johnson, Guillaume Cozzi, Alex Brooks


Photography:  Alan RideoutMike McKay

RGB is full-scale prototype in an ongoing research initiative called “POSITIONING” that explores how anamorphic projection and perspectival techniques in the construction of form challenge one’s perception and understanding of architectural space.  Comprised of a series of lightweight, illuminated tubes, RGB is a mobile light sculpture designed to be installed, experienced, and photographed in various locations for short periods of time.  As an object, the project serves two functions:  to inspire curiosity in those who engage it; and to serve as a constant subject within the photographic documentation of these differing existing places which vary in character.  From iconic Bluegrass farmlands to historic monuments and urban environments, RGB serves as a lens that sheds light—both literally and figuratively—on the social, cultural, and political landscapes it inhabits.  

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