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Robson Redux Competition


TEAM MEMBERS: Ben Ward, Randi Riggs, William Adams

The proposal seeks to create an environment that inspires curiosity by playing with one’s perception of space, shape, and social connections. The mechanism for achieving this is the use of conical ‘anamorphic projections’ : geometric voids that cut through six mobile cabanas to form interior spaces for dwelling and visual links across distance when viewed from certain vantage points. These openings thus create sequences of ambiguity and clarity, mystery and discovery. Individually, each cabana is its own room with a unique, playful interior defined by a variety of colors and textures. Collectively, they form a tiny village where the positioning of the cabanas can enable a wide range of customizable relationships: because they are mobile, the exterior space is constantly in flux, in sync with the patterns of those who visit throughout the day. The cabanas are constructed using Agrefibre panels that are CNC cut to form inner and outer shells that are attached to a wood frame and then covered with self-adhesive roofing membrane. Each is then fitted with a custom interior that repurposes ‘everyday’ materials: vinyl, artificial turf, chalkboard paint, etc.

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