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Notes From the Moving Center

Lexington Art League 

Installation:  Thompson Burry, Hannah Sellers, Aaron Fritsch, Ben Ward

Photos:  Glint Studios, Mike McKay

Notes from the Moving Center was a commissioned installation comprised of two works that developed as part of my growing interest in vision, perception, and anamorphic projection techniques exploring the power of position: specifically, how perspectival techniques can challenge our understanding of a space. The first work, “Singularities,’ centered on the creation of abstracted perspectival rooms; while the second work, “Conceal Carry,” explored the communication of content (gun violence) via the symbolic figure. Through the use of reflective tape and flash photography, one was able to experience the work as a fleeting moment in time rather than a static form painted on the wall. Ghostly and ‘almost invisible’ to the naked eye, the work was only revealed through the use of a digital camera: flash photography intended as the tool for seeing the work and capturing moments along the path.

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