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Land Installation

Design Team:  Dalton Parton, Jordan Hines

Press:  10° Arte Laguna Prize


SOUNDINGS is an ongoing project that investigates the experiential impact of large-scale field conditions. While the project was initially inspired by a desire to activate the vast, desolate landscapes found along the storm-ravenged Gulf Coast, it has since become a prototypical study that aims to make visible the ghostly phenomena of such landscapes: the wind that activates the ordered ‘windpipes,’ the light and shadow as the sun passes overhead or as night-time visitors trigger motion-activated sensors; and the history of the materials themselves--oil conduits salvaged from the rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.   As a siteless prototype, Soundings currently consists of over 400 notched salvaged steel pipes reaching heights of 20 feet.  The project explores the concept of map-making, drawing, transience, as well the role of specific scales and the vantage points that emerge from memory and dwelling.

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