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Proposal for Ragdale Pavilion


Design Team:  Hyo Jae Lee

Ragdale is a place for ‘Transformative time and space for artists’. It is within this spirit that the design for the Ragdale Ring Pavilion is rooted. This project explores the transformative affect of perceptual changes based on position and vision through an investigation of anamorphic projection techniques that offer the potential to create dynamic spatial and formal experiences. The goal of the project is to create for visitors an experience of space where one’s perception of material and depth evolve over time; a space that transforms our expectations.  The goal of the proposal is to create an experience for the participant where one’s vision is challenged by altering the perception of the pavilion FORM as one moves through the landscape. Leaving the Main House one gazes upon a pavilion that first appears to be a set of cubes suspended in the landscape, a view achieved by projecting two cubes to the veiwer’s focal point (see diagram). As one continues down the slope and around to the front of the pavilion, it’s form appears to change dynamically, as the solidity of the form increases until one finally perceives the enclosure of the stage, a spatial inversion of the once airy structure. Experientially, as a result, one no longer views the form as holistic object but instead experiences the space as a collection of cinematic moments, or ‘serial forms.’

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