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Belle of Louisville Pavilion


Design Team:  Ben Ward, Randi Riggs

The project is inspired by the iconic ornamentation of the riverboat typology, most notably found in the lacey trim and flourishes that decorate the grand riverboats on display at the festival. Like the riverboat itself, each of the nine pavilions is a floating mass that engages the datum of the water and horizon, maintaining a relatively simple footprint. By contrast, the attention is focused on the intricately crafted detailing of the pavilion’s form. Filigree patterns are projected and machine-cut from layers of sheet material to create a series of etchings and apertures that result in a dynamic play of lightness. What appears to be solid from a far becomes airy and spatial once encountered, while the patterns reflect light and cast shadows onto the ground throughout the day, an experience akin to being on the water itself.  It is the intention of the project that the spirit of the festival continues via the auctioning of the pavilions’ cladding. The design of each cut-sheet will be driven by this intention, so that individual components of the facade may be purchased as artworks for those who wish to own a piece of the Belle of Louisville Centennial

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